Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea:

Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea: "Para aquí tu navio, escucha el cantar que cantamos, nunca nadie pasó por aquí con su negro navío sin que de nosotros supiera las voces suaves; y después, recreados, se iban conociendo más cosas".

viernes, 12 de junio de 2015


Depending on the season in which you happen to be staying with us, you will fall in love with Alicante and its FIESTAS.

January: The Three Wise Men. 

February: Carnival.

March / April: Easter Week. Processions

   May: Flower Festival.

June: The Bonfires of San Juan.

July / August: Summer Festival and Moors and Christians.

September: Open Air Theatre Festival and Modern Music Festival.
December: International Festival of Puppet Show.

The most important of these is undoubtedly The Bonfires of San Juan, Las Hogueras de San Juan (20th - 24th June). 

These days nobody sleeps. Dozens of monuments made of wood and papier-mâché are assembled in the streets; there is music everywhere, fireworks and people dancing in the streets.

The 24th of June, after an amazing fireworks display, all monuments are ignited and Alicante explodes in a blaze of colour, which is when the real FIESTA begins!

We invite you to visit ALICANTE, learn SPANISH and live our culture!!

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