Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea:

Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea: "Para aquí tu navio, escucha el cantar que cantamos, nunca nadie pasó por aquí con su negro navío sin que de nosotros supiera las voces suaves; y después, recreados, se iban conociendo más cosas".

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2016

LIVING HISTORY IN EL CAMPELLO, ALICANTE with Colegio Internacional Alicante

Very near Alicante we have a unique village that joins in its streets sea, culture, nature and an alive history. We suggest you to visit the Mediterranean village of El Campello. 
The village of El Campello is just 13 km north of Alicante, we can reach there on practical trip by TRAM from Alicante city centre.
El Campello is closed to Villajoyosa another village we have been spoken recently about. Its intense activity during these summer months deserves a separate entrance as our Spanish Language School, which on Summer time works full speed ahead  and receives students from all over the world for learning Spanish in Spain.

In our School you will find courses for any needs: for beginners till advanced learners, Intensive Spanish Courses of 15, 20 or 25 hours per week and personalized tuition in private lessons. 
The courses’ offer expands with combined sport and dance classes courses plus Spanish, Spanish for Businesses or for students over 50 years. It is central for all our courses the immersion in the cultural life of the Region of Valencia and today’s excursion is one of the fixed visits we offer to our students: the village of El Campello.
During the summer El Campello takes advantage of the arrival of domestic and
foreign tourists to present the best of its rich and varied heritage. 
One of the reasons for its success, during the summer the tourist offices do a stage play in Illeta and Villa Marco taking you through the historical journey from the first century BC Iberian settlement to the Roman era and the Middle Ages with its constant pirate attacks 
In the entrance to the Manor House called Villa Marco it is performed a guided visit which shows all the secrets of its gardens in an era of stately splendor. The large history of El Campello allows all these little “games”. Apart from the possible tours its worth stopping at the archaeological site of La Illeta. 

Our students enjoy it’s 23 km of coastline by the sea, also with cycling and hiking routes along the promenade street La Mar with its colorful fishermen's houses or along Muchavista Beach. But they also can discover other hidden coves of El Campello such as Cova del Llop Marí which can be reached by walking or ... diving or Cala Nostra and wonderful beaches like Almadrava beach. 
In addition to the above, from mid-September everyone can enjoy CIRCARTE Contemporary Circus Festival, which brings you the opportunity to enjoy circus’ performances from companies coming across the Region of Valencia and Spain. Performances enliven the streets and squares of the village with their spectacular shows.
We must also highlight its Moors and Christians’ festival held from October 11th to 15th. If you cannot join this festival with us, you can enjoy its delight in this video. It requests a special mention the Moorish’s landing on the beach at dawn.
A very comprehensive offer, don´t you think?
Moors and Christians Festival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzp13yvdu_o

viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016


¿Quieres aprender español? ¿Estás pensando en hacer un curso en España? ¿Dudas dónde ir? Nosotros te lo ponemos fácil, ven a Colegio Internacional Alicante, descubre el Mediterráneo y la fuerza de la amistad, habla desde el primer día, vamos! ven a conocernos!