Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea:

Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea: "Para aquí tu navio, escucha el cantar que cantamos, nunca nadie pasó por aquí con su negro navío sin que de nosotros supiera las voces suaves; y después, recreados, se iban conociendo más cosas".


Alicante from the Castle

ALICANTE is a typical Mediterranean city: majestic palm trees, crystal-blue sea, white beaches, two historic 16th centuries’ castles, various shopping centres and its never-ending nightlife. 
Your days will be too short in Alicante.

ARRIVING AT ALICANTE: Students can arrive to Alicante International Airport, which has flights from many important cities in Europe. You can also fly to Madrid or Barcelona and then fly or take a train to Alicante.
You can reach your accommodation from Alicante Airport by the C6 bus www.subus.es .
The bus will take you to Alicante centre and from there you can take a taxi to your accommodation or directly by taxi from the Airport. Taxis in Alicante are white with a blue stripe and a licence number on the door. The price should be around 
25 €. 
More information: www.radiotaxielche.es

From Madrid Barajas Airport take the metro to the Atocha Train Station. The trains take 3 hours 45 minutes for arriving to Alicante and cost around 60 €. 

From Barcelona Airport take the train to the Barcelona Central Station. The train takes approximately 5 hours for arriving to Alicante and it should cost around 60 € Alicante Train Station is located in the centre of the city and a taxi from there to your lodging it
should cost you around 10€
More information: www.renfe.es

AIR TICKETS: Students can print the air tickets, of course, it will be expected to pay for that.

BUSINESS HOURS: The School will be open Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 9:00 to 16:00.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellation must be notified in writing to the school at least 15 days before the start of the course. For cancellations received less than that time 150 € will be charged. 
Acceptance of an enrolment is made on the understanding that the student will remain for the duration of the course as specified. In the event of a student leaving dismissed before the end of the agreed course, the remaining amount will be due at the discretion of the director.
Celebrating their degree

CERTIFICATES AND DIPLOMAS: Colegio Internacional Alicante will issue a free Certificate of your level (after passing a final exam) or a Diploma of assistance with valid indefinitely, to those students who have completed a 90% of the course booked.

CHANGE OF GROUPS OR SCHEDULE: Changes of groups are possible with the agreement of the teacher and the director of the school. All the students will do a placement test the first day of the course. The school will place students in the morning or afternoon sessions according to the needs and possibilities. Students cannot change from morning to afternoon and vice-versa unless they have an important reason.
Please note lessons will normally take in the mornings.

CLIMATE: There are a total of 2.730 sunhours per year on the coast and the water temperature varies from 13º C minimum in winter to 29º C maximum in summer.

CREDITS: Colegio Internacional Alicante will send transcript to Easter Connecticut State University (USA) and College du Masonneuve (Canada). We can also send credits from both to the student’s Universities with extra cost. It is recognized as well by the Swedish & Norwegian Government with CSN & Lånekassen grants and by the German Government with the Bildungsurlaub (please check if we have your Land) and OÖ Bildungskonto.

COPYRIGHT: The management reserves the right to use all possible photos taken during the student’s stay unless the student declares otherwise on his arrival at the school.

CULTURAL SHOCK: It may comfort you to know that no individual is immune to “culture shock”. Anyone traveling to a different country for the first time – including expatriates who have previously lived in different countries – will inevitably experience “culture shock”. It’s helpful to know what “culture shock” is and the symptoms that accompany this syndrome. Culture shock, simply, is an uneasy feeling of disorientation brought on by the inability to respond appropriately to the social cues of another country which you may be introduced to in daily life situations. Your own values, perceptions and ways of doing and organizing things may seem threatened as you begin to notice the differences between your destination country and home. It is the accumulation of this psychological disorientation which is known as culture shock.
Do not feel alone! you have lot of new friends!
Some key symptoms of culture shock include:
• Homesickness
• Boredom
• Withdrawal
• Frustration and anxiety
• Irritability
• Stereotyping of host nationals
• Hostility toward host nationals

Keep in mind that these symptoms and others will vary depending upon your length of stay. Most tourists never experience this syndrome because they are seldom faced with the daily realities and situations encountered in the longer-term visitors or the country’s citizens.

How to act?
There are many things you can do in order to adapt yourself into the new culture. But remember you are not alone, there are many people who can help you. 
Family and friends. Find someone who has experienced the culture shock. Ask him/her how to face the novelty of the environment.
Director. If you do not know anyone who has gone through the same experience you're going through, talk to a teacher of your new school. They are trained to help students cope with a wide range of concerns.
New friends. Having not newcomer friends will help you to understand a little better the new
culture and to have someone you can talk with when you feel sad.
Instead of forgetting your culture in order to assimilate the new one, be open to new ways of thinking and doing things . Identify the things that are equal and which ones are different, and keep on mind that variety is what makes people so interesting.

DELE: DELE is the Exam organized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and the Instituto Cervantes. There are 6 levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Exams take place in May, August (only for B1, B2 and C2) and November.
For more information about our preparatory course or the exam please contact our staff or
visit: http://diplomas.cervantes.es/

DIE: Colegio Internacional Alicante is the only school in Alicante recognized by FIDESCU for
taken this oral exam of Spanish. Contact our staff for more information about preparatory courses and DIE oral exam or visit: www.fidescu.org

EMERGENCIES: In case of real emergency do not hesitate to call +34 649 26 31 83.

EXCURSIONS: On Saturday the school organizes excursions and visits of half a day to
Excursion to Altea
picturesque nearby villages: Altea, Elche, Orihuela, Villena… for up 40 Euro depending on
the duration and distance of the trip. The excursions are not included on the price of the

"Tomatina", tomatoes' battle
EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The school will organize free guided tours to Museums and Monuments and other sportive or cultural activities. Students are expected to pay for the tickets or entrances. Information about other activities like golf, trekking, diving, flamenco, salsa lessons, and painting are also available on the school.
You are welcome to join us. Even a beginner in Spanish will be able to follow the very simple explanations our teachers will give to you.
Host family life

FAMILIES: Host families treat the students as one of the family. Students can participate in the everyday life of a Spanish family. In exchange for these benefits you have to fit in with your host family’s way of life and habits. The families are carefully selected. The director of the School, always at the student’s disposal, can change a student’s accommodation if the need arises (max. 2 changes).
Home stay families are not required to pick up the students at the airport, and students should not ask the host family to do so.

FIESTA: Depending on the season in which you happen to be staying with us, you will fall in love with Alicante and its FIESTAS.

January: The Three Wise Men.
February: Carnival.
March / April: Easter. Processions
May: Flower Festival.
June: “Moors and Christians” and The Bonfires of San Juan.
July / August: Summer Festival and “Moors and Christians”.
September/ October: Modern Theatre Festival and Modern Music Festival.
Alicante Festival
December: International Festival of Puppet Show.

The most important of these is undoubtedly The Bonfires of San Juan, Las Hogueras de San Juan (June 20th - 24th) These days nobody sleeps. Dozens of monuments made of wood and papier-mâché are assembled in the streets; there is music everywhere, fireworks and people dancing in the streets.
The 24th of June, after an amazing fireworks display, all monuments are ignited and Alicante explodes in a blaze of colour, which is when the real FIESTA begins!

GUARANTEES: Following “European frame of reference” we establish 6 levels of language (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2) Colegio Internacional Alicante guarantees 4 levels even in the case we have only 1 participant in the group: A1, A2, B1 & C1

INSURANCE: All students should obtain medical insurance in their own country. All European
Union Citizens are included in the Spanish Social Security (form E-111). Citizens from other
countries should check in the Spanish Embassy.
Please note, students are not covered for any illness, accident, robbery or loss of personal property (neither at their accommodation nor in or out of the classrooms) because of that we always recommend you the use of an optional insurance
The School has made arrangements with ASTES for a travel and medical insurance policy, which will give coverage to all students who require.

INTERNET: Our School offers WI-FI service and free access to Internet. Anyway, access to Internet is very easy in Alicante. Fundación Bancaja and Centro 14 offer a free access to all the students. There are also many WI-FI areas around the city.

HOME WORK: Students are expected to do and to fulfil some homework every day.

LAUNDRY: Laundry is included in home stay. It is understood that the family will wash one machine load per week.

LEISURE AND ENTERTAINMENT: Alicante offers an interesting range of activities: sports, libraries, art-galleries, cultural halls, museums, open-air concerts, and a 19th century theatre with an extensive programme.
Beach games
The diversity of the landscape, a marvellous climate and superb facilities make sport one of the main attractions. Our pleasure harbour and beach provides you with all the opportunities the sea offers: swimming, water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, diving, regattas and competitions
On the other hand, golf or adventure sports such as mountaineering, cycling, riding, piloting, trekking etc. are available all over the year.

LIVING IN A SPANISH HOST FAMILYThe Students who live in a host family must take into account the following:
1. Please respect the timetable that the family has set for meals. If eventually you want to change it, agree it first with your host family.
2. Try to keep the host family informed if you will not have meals at home, if you will stay out on a specific day, when you have plans to travel during weekends or go on an excursion.
3. Half board includes breakfast and dinner, full board also includes a midday lunch.
4. Special diet should have been informed in advance to the School while your application is in process. Also, it is advisable for you to inform in advance about any kind of allergy or medical need.
5. Take care of your host family home as you would take care of your own home.
6. Students are responsible for any damage caused inside the house. If you loose the keys you will have to pay for a new copy.
7. Friends’ visits are permitted but under family supervision. Please inform the family in advance about occasional visits from friends. They should respect the house rules. Visitors are not allowed to stay over night.
8. Students have no access to the telephone, washing machine, kitchen supplies (fridge, stove etc) unless the family allows it. You are not allowed to prepare your own meals. Please agree it with your host family.
9. You can only use the telephone for receiving calls. Ask the family when would be a good time for receiving your phone calls.
10. Please respect the set rules and each family customs, for example: do not make noise after 22.00h, do not disturb the neighbours (slam the door, shout, etc) If you come home late at night, try to be as quiet as possible.
11. The student must be aware to ecological issues, so please do not waste water, gas or electricity. Taking showers should not take longer than 15 min. You may take ONE shower a day, but it could be two if the family allows it (occasionally in summer time). Do not keep the lights on when you are not using it.
12. It is advisable to keep your room and the bathroom tidy in order to allow the family to regularly clean and change the bed linen.
13. Do not use family belongings without their permission.
14. Living in a foreign country might make you feel homesick, in this case you may contact the School, we will try to help you. Please consider that Colegio Internacional Alicante does not contemplate accommodation cancellations neither refunds for this reason.
15. Host families welcome the students and will treat them like another family member to make them feel at home, but at the same time you should not forget that every country is different with different customs and languages so please try to integrate yourself, accept and respect the new habits in order to enjoy your stay as much as possible.
16. If you have any suggestions, comments or request please direct to the school administration. Thank you!

LOCATION: How to find your lodging or the School?

LODGING: Accommodation is available prior to 12:00 midnight on the Sunday before the beginning of classes until 12:00 noon on the Saturday which follows them. Under special circunstances, and only if it is available, we may be able to arrange for student to arrive or stay beyond the allowed dates. There will be a charge for the additional night. The request for such circumstances should be made to the school in advance.
Sorry but double bedrooms are only available for 2 people coming together.
Living in a shared apartment
Arrival information is required for all students to ensure that someone will be at home waiting for them when he or she arrives. Students must contact the School at least 1 week in advance in order to confirm the exact hour of arrival so we can organize a meeting time with the person in charge of the keys of your lodging. Colegio Internacional Alicante will not be held responsible for any expenses due to late arrivals, change of plans or if the student did not contact the School with enough time. Accommodation is paid for the booked period.
As we are sending accommodation addresses well in advance of the student’s arrival,
unforeseeable changes may occur resulting in the last minute change of address. Should this
happen, you will be informed.
More of the families and shared apartments are within walking distance, as is almost everything in Alicante. Some students will have to use the bus 10 or 15 min. Distance to the school will not be areason to change your lodging.

LODGING RULES: Please read carefully.
1. Students will receive the keys of the apartment and the gate of the building upon arrival, which have to be returned upon departure, in case of losing the keys, the student has to pay for then.
2. The bedroom and the common areas of the apartment have been found in perfect conditions: clean and tidy.
3. Students who have booked accommodation by the school may change to another if he/she has valid reason. The distance between the lodging and the school will not be considered as a reason for requesting a change. Students can change the lodging not the type of it. The school reserves the right to expel any student who does not respect certain rules in the diary coexistence.
4. All students have the right to ONE hot shower daily.Inappropriate use of water will incur extra charges. Students in shared flats have to bring their own towels. 
5. Students in shared apartments are responsible for keeping them clean, the student must leave a clean apartment before he/ she departures, otherwise he/she must pay 50 € for the cleaning.
6. It is absolutely forbidden to entertain other people in the apartment (friends, colleagues, etc., or let others use the installations (shower, washing machine, etc.) The stay overnight is absolutely forbidden to any person that is not registered in the apartment.
7. The celebration of parties in the apartment is not allowed.
8. Please note that neither Colegio Internacional Alicante nor the landlord/landlady can be held responsible in any case of injury, accidents or robbery.
9. Any damage in the accommodation caused by the student has to be reported immediately to the School. If at his/her arrival the student finds any damage produced by former occupants and doesn’t communicate it to the school the first day, he/she will be held responsible for the damage.
10. In case that none of the occupants takes responsibility for damage, the cost will be divided between all them.
11. Every week the owner of the apartment will visit the flat in order to check everything and resolve any problem. The date and hour will agree with the students in the apartment and they should be there.
12. A deposit of about100 € is required at arrival. The total deposit will be reimburse at the departure under the following conditions:
- Leaving the room and the respective communal area in a clean and tidy condition.
- If the student is not in the apartment at the settled time for the handing over, the deposit will not be refunded.
FOR YOUR ATTENTION you have a maximum consume in water, electric and gas, so an abnormal or inappropriate use of these services in the apartments will incur excess charges for: GAS, WATER ,ELECTRICITY.
To avoid excess charges please take care to:
1. Turn off lights and any electric items.
2. All water used is metered and heated by GAS or ELECTRICITY. Don't leave taps running or use shower in excess. Turn off gas cooker ring.
3. Use full washing machine.
Booking an apartment through the Colegio Internacional Alicante means accept the above

MATERIAL: Material is not included in the price of the course.

MAIL: Students are welcome to receive mail at the school.

NACIONAL HOLIDAYS: Classes will not be held on National Holidays. National Holidays will not be replaced and financial compensation will not be given as a result.
In case there are 2 bank holidays the same week we will recuperate 1 of those.
For more information please check our calendar.

PAYMENT: Fees should be paid in one of the following two ways:
- By cash within the first three days of your stay in the School’s office.
- By bank transfer at least 15 days in advance, with no charge for the beneficiary to: 
Colegio Internacional Alicante
Bank: La Caixa
IBAN: ES17 2100 1533 1702 0014 3107
Account No. 2100 1533 17 02 00143107

RECOGNITIONS AND MEMBERSHIP: Colegio Internacional Alicante is a full member of:
- Federación Española de Asociaciones de Escuelas de Español para Extranjeros (FEDELE)
- Asociación Mediterránea de Escuelas de Español Lengua Extranjera (AMEELE)
- Fundación para la Investigación y Desarrollo de la Cultura Española (FIDESCU)
Colegio Internacional Alicante is the only School in Alicante recognized by FIDESCU for taking it international exam of Oral Spanish: DIE
- Asociación para la Difusión del Español y la cultura hispánica (ADES)
- INSTITUTO CERVANTES has recognized our School with the Quality Certificate of E/LE Centre by the named Centro Acreditado.

Talking in pairs

SCHOOL: Founded in 1998, as a co-operative of teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language, we are a small and modern school. Classrooms are perfect equipped and airconditioned.
We are located within the centre of the town, within the main shopping area, 2 minutes to the sea and a few minutes from the historic sights. All the teachers are University Graduates with many years of teaching experience. Our small classes and the familiar way the teachers interact with the students create a friendly, dynamic and young atmosphere.
Classroom No. 5
Private tuition or specialised Business Spanish is also available for students who do not wish
to pursue a normal group course.
On the other hand, we are able to design a “tailor-made” course to fit student’s specific

SHARED APARTMENTS: The housegroups are a mix of different nationalities. This is a good way to practice your Spanish.
Sharing tapas with your roommates!
Apartments are comfortable, but basically furniture, don’t expect luxuries. No meals are offered but each apartment has a kitchen with everything you might need for cooking yourself and doing your laundry. The students are responsible for keeping them clean and for bringing their own towels. We also recommend you to bring your own sheet.
Please note than in some apartments a deposit is required.

STUDENTS: We receive about 550 students a year, the average in summer time (July, August and September) is 85, in spring and autumn around 40 and in winter only around 20. Our students come from all over the word: German, Dutch, Nordic… are the most popular nationalities you can find during your stay with us. Mostly of then are in their 20’s, but we also welcome senior students.

TELEPHONE: Students are welcome to receive calls in the family but are not supposed to use the phone. Check with you phone company if your cell phone works in Spain.

TRANSFER SERVICE: You can arrange airport pick-up from Alicante Altet International Airport and transfer to your lodging. This service can be booked only Saturdays and Sundays, except between 00:00-06:00h. If you have asked to the picked up at the airport please do not leave the hall. Somebody will be waiting there for you with a sign with your name when exiting the terminal.
The transfer fee has to be paid even if the student does not arrive on the flight communicate to us.
The school will be responsible for transfers if we know: Airline, flight number, time and date of arrival.
Over 50's

TUITION HOURS: 1 lesson =50 minutes.

TUTORIALS: Should the student have any problems in following the class or in understanding certain points of the language, the school will arrange a tutorial for this student without any charge.

- Citizens from the European Union do not need a visa and can enter in Spain with an Identification Card or valid Passport.
- Citizens from Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and USA do not need a visa and will receive a permit to stay up to 90 days on arrival.
- Citizens from Non European Union countries should check with the Spanish Embassy or Consulate prior to departure.
- A Student Visa must be obtained by the students prior to departure from their countries at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate. If you plan to extend your stay more than 90 days, you should apply for a visa type D.
- School will provide all the necessary certificates:
Confirmation of the Spanish program, invoice for the total cost and invitation letter. These
documents do not have any official power and merely serve as confirmation of a course in our centre. In the event that the student should need the originals urgently (less than 15 days) we will charge the cost of express mail to the student.

WELCOME: Students are supposed to go the fist day of the course at 9:00 am to:
Colegio Internacional Alicante
C/ Pintor Aparicio 18C, 1º
03003 Alicante
Students are given a written and oral test on arrival and placed in a class according to their
knowledge of the Spanish language. After a welcome speech we will invite you to star your
lessons and from now … to speak in Spanish…
Welcome to Alicante!!


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