Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea:

Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea: "Para aquí tu navio, escucha el cantar que cantamos, nunca nadie pasó por aquí con su negro navío sin que de nosotros supiera las voces suaves; y después, recreados, se iban conociendo más cosas".

martes, 28 de mayo de 2013


Do you know Alicante's St. John's Bonfires Festival?

They say midsummer brings out the madness in all of us, so don't be surprised if in Alicante in June you see apparently normal people leaping over bonfires on the beach at the dead of night and running into the sea.

The longest day, which is officially the summer solstice, is June 21st, however, the midsummer celebrations take place in Alicante two days later, coinciding with St John's (San Juan) day on June 23rd. Immense papier mâché statues – known as hogueras or fogueres, which means bonfires -,adorn the streets from June 19th onwards.  They are set fire to at the end of the festival, but not until June 24th at midnight.

Alicante's San Juan celebration is the largest in our region, and you could be forgiven, on taking a stroll through its streets in June.

The electrifying, colourful end to the fiesta starts with a huge firework display from Santa Bárbara castle.

Legend has it that you should leap over the bonfires and make a wish, you
should then run into the Mediterranean sea and leap over the waves. It is also said that you should write down your heart's desires on a piece of paper and throw it into the flames. Many locals swear by it, with some claiming that their dreams, after being reduced to ashes on San Juan night, always come true.

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