Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea:

Homero, Canto XII, La Odisea: "Para aquí tu navio, escucha el cantar que cantamos, nunca nadie pasó por aquí con su negro navío sin que de nosotros supiera las voces suaves; y después, recreados, se iban conociendo más cosas".

jueves, 17 de julio de 2014

Spanish for over '50s... and enjoy your live!

Spanish for over ‘50s
New friends

Do you like Spain but …you hate too hot weather?
Would you like to learn or improve your Spanish but, you don’t feel  to study grammar?
Do you want to meet new friends with the same interest? But  please, not teenagers!
Are you active and dynamic? But… in a relaxing way. 

Explaining our  menu
Our over ‘50s course is perfect for you!
This course is designed for over 50's who wish to learn Spanish in a more relaxed atmosphere. The class will consist in conversational Spanish for daily life:
- asking for directions
- talking about yourself
- ordering drinks or food in a restaurant
- renting a car
- booking a hotel room
- shopping
- resolving problems with the electric or gas company.

And…after the lessons?
Salsa lessons
Churros and chocolat
Walking tours to Alicante, visits to museums, monuments, ruins…films and gathering, dance lessons, excursions, “tapas” tour, wine tasting, “churros” or perhaps “paella”… your calendar will be full of activities!!

Are you under 50 years old but do you have the same objectives? Not a problem. You are welcome to join us!

The perfect paella
Visiting Alicante
We offer a 2 weeks Standard Spanish Course (15h/week) plus a large activity program during Autumn and Spring when the weather is just nice, 18º to 20º C.

And what about the lodging?
Well… would you like to stay in a small and charming hotel downtown? Or perhaps in a good 4 starts hotel? Or just a friendly host family to talk with every night? You can choose!! We organize everything for you! You only need to prepare your luggage!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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